digital is transforming UK media


  • Of the estimated £20bn spent on UK advertising in 2015, £6.3bn is predicted to have been digital including £1bn on mobile. (i)
  • The UK online advertising market is expected to be 59% programmatic by 2017, the highest level in europe. UK programmatic advertising spend has grown by 60% year on year. (i)
  • Among UK consumers, 63% use social media; among Millennials, the figure is 86%. (i)
  • On average, UK adults use their phones 264 times a day. for 15-29 year-olds, the figure is 387 times, and for 15 year-olds it is 420. Most mobile use (68%) is at home. (i)

Mobile access data

Above: UK revenues from mobile internet access are due to overtake those from fixed access in 2016. Source: PWC's Media & Entertainment Outlook 2015-19.
Data sources:  
(i)  IPA TouchPoints6, October 2015.
(ii) PWC data quoted in US West Coast Tech Mission brochure, November 2015.