1. The UK has world-leading agencies and talent.

By global competitiveness indicators, the UK is one of the top-performing advertising economies. The Gunn Report, the annual industry ranking of agencies that have won awards in creative competitions, placed the UK second worldwide - behind only the US. The UK also provided the winner of the Cannes Lion for Creative Effectiveness twice in the first three years of this global competition.

2. UK teams have a history of successfully globalizing brands

The UK is considered the first port of call for brand owners wishing to launch into the european market, whilst an increasing number of Indian and Chinese clients including Tata and Lenova has been working with UK agencies.

3. UK advertising Is built on marrying creativity AND effectiveness

Whilst some nations chiefly judge advertising as a purely creative expression, the importance of being able to measure and prove the effectiveness of communications is drilled into UK advertising executives from an early age. The country is home to the industry's most rigorous effectiveness competition - the IPA Effectiveness Awards - and has a tradition of developing qualifications and training to sharing learning about effectiveness. 

4.  The UK ad market is embracing technology rapidly

Competition between agencies to win and retain client business has shaped expectations that UK agencies need to innovate continually to ensure they are offering the right services in an ever-changing market. The UK's record of innovation includes examples that combine new channels with proof of effectiveness, such as iHobo, an early iPhone app based campaign, and Inspired by Iceland, a campaign using social media to restore the flagging Icelandic tourism sector. In the UK, online advertising revenues are as important as television, and the UK is forecast to have the highest penetration of programmatic ad trading in europe (59%) by 2017.

5. The UK offers unique working advantages

The UK timezone - poised between East and West - makes it highly convenient for global organizations looking to co-ordinate efforts across teams. The concentration of agencies in London, Manchester and other cities has created clusters of people skilled in all areas of creative messaging and media placement as well as related disciplines such as design, post-production and content licensing. The UK has also created a much admired regulatory and business environment which encourages good work.