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Above: Folly Farm, Berkshire, redeveloped by Dan Pearson.

As a British landscape designer whose work is informed by sense of place and local climate, Dan Pearson has built a business on his specialist knowledge and UK clients, such as the redesign of Folly Farm in Berkshire. He is based in London because of its "international connectivity".

However, the business has also been awarded contracts in Japan, China, Spain, Russia and the United States and Pearson is known internationally via press and public speaking appearances.

Overseas projects include: 

  • Tokachi Millennium Forest, Hokkaido, Japan – a 200 hectare public park commissioned by the Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper Group as a carbon offset vehicle. Designed on ecological principles to be sustainable for 1,000 years with a primary brief to be educational and encourage outdoor activities amongst visitors.
  • Park City, Hamadayama, Tokyo, Japan  a new build residential development on the outskirts of Tokyo. The commission required the design of a series of private courtyard gardens for residents, each with a different atmosphere. As the site was built over a subterranean car park these were all effectively roof gardens. 
  • Aman Hotel and Villas and Forest Park Peninsula, Shanghai, China – a new development comprising a series of rebuilt antique villas for use as private residences, each with a separate private garden, a hotel complex, street landscaping and planting, and a public park. This project has involved working with government offices, local developers and local landscape architects.

Pearson says: "I think that Britain has some of the best design education in the world and continues to produce consistently innovative and respected designers in all fields."

Design Case: Dan Pearson (700px)

Above: Landscape designer Dan Pearson. (Image ©: Sir Paul Smith).

Asked to nominate a UK design figure he admires, Pearson added: "Thomas Heatherwick is a truly innovative designer, pushing the boundaries of what people believe is possible, and stretching the use of materials is a way which is fast becoming internationally influential."

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