• The UK is the world’s most competitive and diverse digital music market, with more than 70 legal services catering for all different kinds of music fan. (1)
  • Digital revenues accounted for more than 50% of UK recorded music industry revenues in 2013. (2)
  • Almost three in 10 people in the UK have downloaded or streamed music online. (3)
  • 3.7bn tracks were streamed online in the UK in 2012. (4)
  • Over a billion digital single tracks have been sold to date in the UK. (3)
  • 30.5m digital albums were sold in the UK in 2012, with 16 albums selling more than 100,000 copies. (3)
  • Revenues generated by digital albums in the UK amounted to £136.7m in 2012, £19m (16 per cent) more than 2011. Digital accounted for more than a quarter of all album income. (3)
  • In 2012, digital music revenues in the UK overtook physical music revenues for the first time. (1)
  • Downloads make up almost 100 per cent of the UK singles chart. (1)
  • May 2012 saw the launch of the UK’s first official streaming music chart, which collates data from both ad-funded and subscription services. (1)
  • Almost one-fifth (19.6 per cent) of UK consumers only buy music digitally. (1)
  • Some reports suggest that there are now over 1m paying subscribers for music streaming services in the UK. (1)

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