• The UK is the world’s most competitive and diverse digital music market, with around 50 legal services catering for all different kinds of music fan. (1)
  • Digital revenues account for more than half (56%) of UK recorded music industry revenues in 2015.(2)
  • More than four tenths of people spend money on music each year either on physical formats, downloads or a subscription service such as Spotify.(2)
  • 44.9bn tracks were streamed online in the UK in 2016 from audio streaming services. Drake’s One Dance was the most streamed track in 2016 accumulating 141.5m audio streams, 35 other tracks were streamed more than 50m times.(3)
  • Revenues generated by streaming services in the UK amounted to £174.8m in 2015, £60.4m (53 per cent) more than the previous year. Streaming accounted for more than a quarter of industry income in 2015.(2)
  • Audio streams from ad-supported and subscription services now count towards the weekly chart. A ratio of 150 streams to one sale is currently applied.(3)
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests there are now around 6m paying subscribers for music streaming services in the UK.(4)
  • Almost 1.5 billion digital single tracks have been sold to date in the UK.(2)


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