UK box office revenues exceeded £1bn in 2013 for the third consecutive year, according to figures from the BFI.

The list of the highest grossing films in the UKwas headed by Despicable Me 2, the 3D animation sequel which grossed £47.5m in the UK, followed by The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug and Les Miserables. However, 2012 was a strong year at the box office because of the record performance of Skyfall and total UK box office takings were down 1% in 2013 on the previous year.

The highest grossing UK independent release was Philomena (£11m) followed by Quartet (£8.6m), I Give It a Year (£6.2m), Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (£6.17m) and Sunshine on Leith (£4.6m).

UK films had 21% share of the UK market: 15% for UK/US studio-backed films and 6% for UK independent releases.

Source: The UK Box Office in 2013, BFI


2012 UK box office revenues 


In 2012, UK box office revenues exceeded £1bn for the second year in succession, while cinema admissions rose to 172.5 million, the third highest figure in the past 40 years.

  • UK box office receipts in 2012 were £1.1.bn, up 6 per cent  on 2011.
  • UK cinema admissions reached 172.5m, up 0.5per cent on 2011.
  • 647 films were released for a week or more in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  • UK films, including co-productions, accounted for 25 per cent of releases and 32 per cent of the market by value.
  • The box office share of UK independent films was 9 per cent.
  • The top 100 films earned 92 per cent of the gross box office.

 Source: BFI Statistical Yearbook 2013




UK cinema admissions totalled 165.5m in 2013, according to the latest figures released by the Cinema Advertising Association.

Films released in December 2013 included Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, helping make it best December showing since 2009.

The 165.5m total was however down on 2012’s 172.5m, which was boosted by the impact of Skyfall, the record-breaking Bond movie.

Sources: Screen Daily, Cinema Advertising Association/EDI Rentrak.