UK film talent and awards

For the past 12 years, UK actors, directors and writers have been prominent at the global box office and international award ceremonies. UK talent has continued to reach enthusiastic audiences and UK story material has continued to showcase the country’s culture and identity to the world.

  • Of the top 200 global box office successes of 2001-2012, 31 films are based on stories and characters created by UK writers. Together they have earned more than $22bn (£14bn) at the worldwide box office.
  •  Half of the top 20 global box office successes of the last 12 years are based on novels by UK writers.
  •  Two thirds of the top 200 films released worldwide since 2001 have featured UK actors in lead or prominent supporting roles.
  •  UK directors were behind 27 of the 200 biggest films of the last 12 years with Harry Potter director, David Yates, topping the box office league.
  •  Films based on UK story material represented 4.5 per cent of releases in the UK in 2012, but took 21 per cent of the box office.
  •  UK films and talent won 23 major film awards in 2012, including four Oscars® and 12 BAFTAs. In 2013, six Oscars® and 13 BAFTAs went to UK winners, including Daniel Day-Lewis who won the Leading Actor award at both ceremonies for his role in Lincoln.

 Source: BFI Statistical Yearbook 2013