UK films worldwide (2013)

  • UK films earned a combined worldwide gross of $4.1bn in 2013, an 11.4 per cent share of the global box office, which hit a new record of $36bn.

  • UK studio-backed films (UK films wholly or partly financed and controlled by US studios but featuring UK cast, crew, locations, facilities, post-production and often UK source material) shared 9.8 per cent of the worldwide box office in 2013, with earnings of $3.4bn (down from $4.6bn ni 2012).
  • UK independent films earned 1.6 per cent of global revenues, with a gross box office of $649m.
  • The highest-grossing UK qualifying film of 2013 was Fast & Furious 6 which earned over $788mn worldwide.
  • The highest-grossing UK independent film was Red 2, which earned $142m worldwide in 2013.

Source: BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014.

UK films in North America (2013)

  • The UK share of the North American gross box office was 11.9 per cent in 2013.
  • UK films represented 8 per cent of releases in the North American market.
  • The total revenue from these films stood at $1.29bn, down from £1.73bn in 2012.
  • UK independent films grossed $164m, a 1.5 per cent share of the market (up from 1.2 per cent in 2011).
  • Gravity was the top-performing UK qualifying film in North America, earning $268.2m.

 UK films in Europe (2013)

  • The market share for UK films in major European territories, excluding the UK and Republic of Ireland, ranged from a high of about 16 per cent in Portugal to under 10 per cent in Germany and France
  • The most popular UK film in EU countries (other than the UK and Republic of Ireland) in 2013 was Fast & Furious 6 with over nearly 14m admissions

 UK films in Latin America (2013)

  • UK films earned between 12 and 15 per cent of the box office in the Latin American territories for which data are available.
  • UK/US studio-backed titles such as Fast & Furious 6, Thor:The Dark World and World War Z were among the top earners in these markets.

 UK films in Australasia (2013)

  • UK films accounted for approximately 14.6 per cent of the theatrical market in Australia and more than 18.3 per cent in New Zealand.
  • The highest-grossing UK-qualifying films in these markets were Fast & Furious 6, Thor: The Dark World and Gravity.
  • Philomena was the top grossing UK independent film in the two markets.

Source: BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014.