The UK television production sector grew by 3.5 per cent in 2015, bringing total TV programming revenues hit £2.9bn in to almost £3bn.

The census by Pact, the industry body for independent TV, film, animation, digital and chidlren's media producers, recorded industry revenues up £100m over the previous year. 

International rights income and primary comissions from overseas broadcasters were the main drivers of growth. International rights income rose from £93m in 2014 to £152m in 2015 while overseas primary commissions grew from £599 to £697m. 

This growth offsets declines in the reported value of UK finished programmes sold overseas and a slight year on year decline in UK primary commissioning income.

In the UK over a third of activity was outside London.

Source: Industry Census 2016, Pact.

Published: November 2016.