UK television exports IN 2015/16


  • The UK Television Exports Report estimated total revenue from the international sale of UK TV programmes and associated activities was £1.326bn in 2015/6, up 10 per cent over the previous year.

  • UK activity in the Chinese market was up 40 per cent on 2014/5, with a co-production treaty between China and the UK signed in December 2016 meaning that this growth could continue in years to come.

  • As in previous years, the USA remained the largest market for UK TV exports, worth £497m in 2015/16 - an increase of 16 per cent over the previous year. Australia took the number two spot, with sales of £106m.

  • Exports of finished television programming remained the largest source of revenue at £668m, in line with 2014/5. However, sales of digital rights increased by 79 per cent to £248m (almost a fifth of revenue) making it the second largest source of revenue.


  • North America represented 41 per cent of total export revenue in 2015/16, with Europe contributing 31 per cent and Rest of World contributing 29 per cent.
  • Revenue from Japan represented the greatest percentage increase from last year, rising +48 per cent to £15m.
  • India and South Korea also registered sizeable percentage increases at +43 per cent and +39 per cent respectively.
  • For the first year the survey collected data on pan-territory deals.  Collectively these provided revenue of £26m equating to 2 per cent of the total exports.
  • Investment in premium content for scripted and non-scripted programmes was believed to be central to future export growth, with respondents reporting global sales for a number of such titles.
  • This year’s survey highlighted the increasing importance of digital rights particularly on SVOD platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. Respondents believe that there is further opportunity for growth from this area.

Source: UK Television Exports Report 2015/6, Pact.

Published: February 2017.