London tech CENSUS LAUNCHed 


A census of London’s tech businesses has launched to map out the capital’s tech sector.

The Great London Tech Census will bring together data, individual interviews and an online questionnaire to create a detailed analysis of London’s tech cluster.

Commissioned by the Greater London Authority, the census will help the organisation gain insights into which sectors are growing fastest and creating the most jobs, which areas of London are doing the best and the worst, and which global cities pay most attention to London’s tech scene.

The census link can be found here.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson believes the census will create “the most detailed picture ever of this booming industry”.

"London is already established as one of the world’s leading centres to start and grow a tech business with more than 75,000 companies.

"This will allow us to target policies exactly where they are needed, helping to make London an even better place for science and technology."

Research company SQW will conduct in-depth interviews with key members of the tech community and data analysts Trampoline Systems will collect Companies House information on every London tech business to build a comprehensive data set for analysis.

Trampoline Systems, the company behind the original Tech City Map, are also asking every London-based tech business to fill out a short survey that will help tie all of its data together.

It asks five questions including details of address, sector and social media profiles.

Trampoline Systems co-founder Charles Armstrong explained that by linking the Companies House data with the social media information of every company, they can build a rich map of how everyone in London’s tech cluster interacts.

He added that by doing social media analysis, they can highlight which areas in the world are talking the most about London tech and therefore help organisations like Tech City UK focus their attention.

All the data will be used to produce a report that will provide a foundation for policy to support the continued growth of London’s tech industry.

The data will also be used to create the Great London Tech Map, an interactive map that will offer insights into London’s trends and the performance of every sector. Every business that fills out the survey will feature on the map.