Tech Education at Imperial College make it second best University in the world

Imperial College London and Cambridge, hold joint second place for the best Universities in the world, according to the the QS World University Rankings (which are widely recognised as the definitive index).  MIT led the rankings with a further six UK Universities making the global top 20 and a total of 19 UK Universities making the top 100 (five of which were located in London, more than any other city in the world).

The UK’s Imperial College of Science and Technology has raced to the top of the rankings thanks to its innovation.  It announced earlier this year a £20 million partnership with KPMG to make the UK a world leader in data science and also became the first British University to support paying for goods on campus using a mobile app. quoted the newly appointed President of Imperial Professor Alice Gast, who praised the institution’s “rare ability to turn outstanding research into discoveries that have a real impact on the world”.