heritage alliance international report


Analysis by the Heritage Alliance has highlighted the activities that its members have engaged in at least 38 countries, which underpins industries relevant to the UK's reputation such as tourism, cultural exports and business location.

It estimates that England's heritage industry generates at least £10bn in Gross Value Added to the UK, and indirectly generates £21.7bn of GVA.

It explores the importance of non-UK EU citizens working in the heritage sector in England, and many UK companies and citizens working in heritage in other EU countries, as well as the contribution to the perception of Britain worldwide created by heritage projects.

The report cites examples such as the work of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, the seed exhanges facilitated by the Chelsea Physic Garden and a cultural exchange tour to China involving the Institute of Conversation, the Oxford Preservation Trust, the British Council, the UK Government's Prosperity Fund, and other bodies.

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Published: April 3, 2018.

british theatre repertoire report

New work and new writing have overtaken revivals in the British theatre for the first time since records began, according to the latest British Theatre Repertoire Report.

The annual report, which quantifies the types of theatrical entertainments put on in theatres across the country, estimates that 59 per cent of all productions in 2013 were new work, and this accounted for 66 per cent of box office revenues earned during the year.

In total, there were an estimated 25.6m attendances in UK Theatre/Society of Theatre houses during the year, raising a total of £815m in box office revenue.

The report concludes that there is a strong and collaborative relationship between the subsidized and commercial theatre sectors, and that even London's hugely successful commercial sector "sits on top of a pyramid of subsidy. Without that, it would collapse."

Published: May 2015.

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culture and creativity –  a DCMS report

In the run-up to the UK General Election, the coalition government has published an overview of strategies and funding for the UK arts and culture sector between 2010 and 2015. 

This includes statistics on levels of funding, tax policies and participation in the arts and culture sectors during this period. 

In a foreword to the report, Culture and Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey writes: "The UK has an enviable reputation for sustaining a successful and vibrant mixed economy for arts and culture. It is one that creates dynamism, opportunity and, most importantly, great art. But we also need to continue to articulate what it means and justify why we invest so much public money on it when there are so many other competing calls for funding."

Publication date: March 2015.

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DRiving growth through local government investment in the arts 

Council investment in the arts is driving local growth, generating billions of extra pounds for the national economy and maintaining Britain's role in creating Hollywood blockbusters, according to this report.

The study, by the Local Government Association (LGA), highlights the many ways town halls are using the arts to bring in money to communities as well as achieving other goals such as creating jobs, filling vacant shops and reducing youth offending.

Publication date: March 2013

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Reflections on the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival

Reflections Cultural Olympiad London 2012 Festival Thumbnail Jpg 250X324 Q85The four-year UK-wide London 2012 Cultural Olympiad was the largest cultural programme of any Olympic and Paralympic Games, with a geographical scale unmatched by any previous UK cultural festival. This publication provides an overview and evaluation of its scale and impact.

Publication date: April 2013

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The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy

ArtsandcultureeconomicreportThis independent report was commissioned by the Arts Council and conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). It is the first comprehensive analysis to determine this value to the UK's modern economy on a national scale. 

Publication date: May 2013

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Culture means business

British Council report on how international cultural relationships contribute to increased trade and competitiveness for the UK. Drawing on researhc carried out in 10 key economies, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, it shows that people overseas who have experienced UK culture are significantly more interested in doing business with the UK, and rate the country more highly as a business destination.

Publication date: May 2013

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Arts Council Annual Review 2012/2013


Arts Council England’s annual report and accounts for the year 2012/13 sets out the organisation’s investment in arts and culture and focuses on a number of highlights from the year.

Publication date: July 2012

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