UK films worldwide (2018)

  • UK films accounted for 23 per cent of the global box office in 2018, equivalent to $9.4bn. UK independent films accounted for 3 per cent of the worldwide box office or $1.3bn

  • The highest earning film that qualified as UK was Avengers:Infinity War, which grossed $1.7bn in 2018. The top grossing UK independent film was Red Sparrow which generated $115.5m
  • Independent UK films captured 4 per cent share of the US box office, 6.4 per cent in mainland Euorpe and 12.2 per cent in New Zealand
  • UK film talent has a global reputation. Since 2001, UK directors have led 25 of the 200 highest earning films worldwide
  • UK films and British talent won 25 major film awards in 2018/19. Since 2001, 36 of the 200 highest earning films were based on characters and stories created by UK writers
Source: UK Films and BritishTalent Worldwide, BFI, 2018/9
Published: 2019