creative organisations & the diversity charter


In July 2019, the Creative Industries Council (CIC) launched a Charter designed to drive greater diversity across the UK’s creative industries.

The CIC Charter commits the industry to take action in eight areas to create a more diverse workforce and output that appeals to people from all backgrounds and regions of the UK.

It has been formally adopted by the Council, which is made up of leading figures across the creative industries including TV, computer games, fashion, music, arts, publishing, and film.

The industry-wide pledge builds on a range of initiatives in place across creative sub-sectors including the BFI’s Diversity Standards aimed specifically at the screen industries. Read here about the Charter.

The Charter is supported by creative industries organisations including:

 arts council England


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Crafts council

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Creative industries federation


CIFed 200px


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screen skills

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the Publishers association

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UK Music

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