Discover! Creative Careers week 2019


Taking place across England from 18 – 22 November, Discover! will see over 500 employers from across the creative industries opening their doors to tens of thousands of young people to inspire and inform the next generation of creative workers.

Employers from all 12 creative sectors are taking part up and down the country, from Xsite Architecture in Newcastle to Newlyn Art Gallery in Penzance.

As part of Discover! Creative Careers Week 2019, the Creative Careers Programme team have joined forces with Chocolate Films, Global Academy, ELAM (East London Arts & Music Academy), The Brit School and Escape Studios to create a series of films for educators introducing some of the many roles that exist across the creative industries.

Educators can use these films as tutorial session resources – there is one for each day of Discover! Creative Careers Week. Films about particular roles can be found here.

Each film introduces a role in a particular sector which can be followed with a discussion using the questions below get you started:

  • What are the main skills involved in being a (insert job here)?
  • Who would like to do this role and who would not? Why?
  • What do you currently do in your school, home or social lives that will help develop these skills and prepare you for a similar role?  (This question helps students come up with examples of how they use skills and competencies which will be useful for interviews in the future)

For year 11s, 12s and 13s – Ask students to research the qualifications required to do this role, and which colleges or universities offer these courses. Explore job profiles and useful information about qualifications here

You can encourage learners to explore more careers in the creative industries, work place visits, school resources and other opportunities to get involved at the Discover! website.