How to encourage Crafts collaboration - new report


Giovanni Corvaja Golden Fleece Headpiece 2009 286Px

Above: Giovanni Corvaja, Golden Fleece Headpiece - an example of crafts which could prosper via innovation.

Measures to foster commercial innovation by crafts businesses are unveiled in a report for the Crafts Council by KPMG.

'Innovation through Craft' analyses the extent to which collaboration and innovation take place in and through craft and identifies potential barriers to be overcome to realise the economic benefits from such collaboration.

The report outlines seven specific actions to adopt. These are:

  • investing in enhanced activity to showcase and publicise the value of and opportunities for craft innovation through cross-sector collaboration
  • brokering and co-ordinating business-to-business collaborations between craft experts and businesses from other sectors
  • ensuring that development of industry strategies by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills involves makers and materials experts to harness opportunities for cross-sector innovation
  • developing the role of Higher Education Institutions as network hubs for driving innovation and collaboration
  • offering innovation vouchers or competitions to facilitate and incentivise business to business collaborations between craft and other sectors
  • developing the fused education agenda to ensure that all levels of the education system support students to promote their creative, practical talents alongside scientific, technological and enterprise skills
  • facilitating the collaboration between businesses and other sectors at a local level to help ensure business support, training, advice and mentoring is fit for purpose.

Download report.