Uk creative exporters higher than official data


Exports of creative services and goods from the UK could be 24 per cent higher than official estimates, a new analysis shows.

The value of the UK's creative services and goods exports could be as high as £46bn - compared to the previous government figure of £37bn. In particular, service exports soulc be 41 per cent higher at £31bn, rather than the £22bn estimated in the provisional data published by the department for digital, culture, media and sport.

The research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and the Creative Industries Federation, and sponsored by the Creative Industries Council and supported by the Department for International Trade, attempts to put a more accurate figure on the digital component of creative exports. It estimates that digital accounts for 68 per cent of creative services exports from the UK, and is worth abouty £21bn a year in export revenues.

Creative organisations are embracing opportunities to reach new international audiences by distributing content and services via digital platforms such as Facebook, Steam, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. Cebr estimates that the majority of creative industries sub-sectors are exporting digital services already.

However, there are challenges in collecting data on such digital exports, and in tracking the origin of creative content and of the audiences that consume it.

According to the new analysis, for instance, the value of total digital services exported by UK organisations in the advertising and marketing sector could be £3.57bn, compared to the official figure of £1.87bn. The film/TV, photography and radio sector could export £3.46bn in digital services rather than the official estimate of £2.88bn, and in crafts the new analysis estimates that digital service exports could be worth £432m to the UK, whereas the official data puts their export contribution at zero.



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