Creative jobs more resistant to automation

 Creativity and robots (large)

A report by Nesta, the innovation charity, has assessed the majority of creative jobs as probably at a low risk of being replaced by automation and robotic technology.

The authors found that only 15% of UK jobs that all into the creative industry categories used by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport are at high risk of being automated. This compares to 32 per cent of jobs in non-creative industries which are deemed at risk of automation.

Within the creative industries, roles that were considered most likely to be replaced by technology included motion picture projection, publishing of direct mail and mailing lists and manufacturing of jewellery and related articles.

The creative jobs thought to be most resistant to automation included computer programming, PR and communication and cultural education activities. 

London jobs, which are more likely to involve creative aspects than those in the UK as a whole, were judged to be at a lower risk of computerisation, because of the high degree of creativity involved in these roles.