London is a global theatre capital

 Sunny Afternoon

Above: the cast of Sunny Afternoon, the musical based on celebrated band, the Kinks.

London's theatre economy generated £618.5m at the box office, according to a report that indicates the city is the leading theatre capital in the world.

The London Theatre Report estimates that the sector employs 6,500 full-time non-performing staff and more than 3,000 performers at any one time. There are a further 5,000-plus part-time and more than 5,000 freelancers.

The authors estimate that attendances in 2012/3 at London theatres, which includes a mixture of commercial and non-profit venues across inner and outer London, outstrip those at Broadway theatres in New York by about 20 per cent.

With 241 venues and total seat capacity of more than 110,000, the London theatre is the "most significant theathre capital in the world" according to the Socitety of London Theatre, which commissioned the report along with the National Theatre.

London theatre box office revenues have been increasing year by year, though the average London theatre ticket price - £27.76 - was down in 2012/3, compared to the previous year. 

The report also highlights potential future issues for London theatre including cuts to public funding, challenges to profitability and the need to maintain the city's many historic theatre buildings in a good state of repair.

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