MPs believe greater devolution would boost creative industries

A majority of UK MPs polled in a new survey believe greater devolution of powers - including the emergence of the so-called "northern powerhouse" - could boost the UK creative industries.

The research, commissioned by from Dods Information, found that more than 60 per cent of both the Labour and Conservative MPs polled thought creative industries would benefit from increased devolution to the regions and nations.

Devolution support

There was overwhelming support for the importance of the creative industries to the UK's future economic growth and to perceptions of the UK's brand round the world.

MP Perceptions Bar Chart

However, the survey also found that approximately 50 per cent of MP respondents believed that support for the creative industries was a priority for their political party. The figure represents a small decrease from last year when the same question was asked by Dods.

There was also a difference of opinion between Labour and Conservative MPs about the most important drivers of success to the UK creative industries. Labour MPs were more likely to emphasise the importance of education and skills whereas Conservative MPs were more likely to consider access to finance and intellectual property as keys to the future success of the UK creative industries.

MP Perceptions Arrows Chart

Outside London, MPs believed that the creative industries had the most important impact in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The survey was conducted among 95 MPs during December 2015. For further details, please contact