NEWS: UK draws record foreign direct investment


The amount of net foreign direct investment into the UK grew from £25.3bn in 2015 to £145.6bn in 2016 - the highest figure since the comparable data set began.

The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, were dominated by a handful of high-profile acquisitions, including the purchase of the tech firm, ARM Holdings.

The total value of FDI positions held by foreign investors in the UK increased from £1,032bn to 2015 to £1,199.5bn.

Net earnings from direct investment abroad by UK companies (outward earnings) fell from £57.2bn in 2015 to ££50.4bn in 2016, reflecting the fall in the rate of return the UK generates on its outward investments.

Net earnings from direct investment in the UK (inward earnings) increased from £48.2bn to £52.1bn during this period.

Due to these factors, the UK's FDI earnings balance became slightly negative in 2016, the first time since this has occurred since 2006.