Creative industries at centre of UK's digital transformation


The UK's creative industries are poised to benefit from the growth of e-commerce and digitally connected devices, according to a report.

The study, by Enders Analysis and Bain & Company, argues that the increase in smartphones, broadband and consumption of digital content, has left the UK "digitally ready", with the creative industries "at the centre of the UK's digital transformation".

The authors estimate that, per capita, UK consumers spend more than twice as much online as US consumers, and more than those in any other major economy.

This shift in consumer behaviour has driven changes across the creative sectors, bringing both threats and opportunities to sectors such as television, advertising, crafts and music. 

The report argues that the creative industries are "undoubtedly a driver of economic growth" with the ability to create value through intellectual property. But the authors warn that issues such as acces to finance and skilled workers, concerns over digital privacy and copyright abuse could limit this growth.

In the report, they call for UK policy-makers to prioritise technical infrastructure rollout, addressing shortages of creative skillsets especially for small businesses, and ensure there is a supportive fiscal climate for UK creative companies, particularly start-ups.

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