UK creative services exports hit £32.7bn


The strong export growth of the UK's creative industries continued in 2017 as the value of creative services exports rose by 21.1 per cent to £32.7bn, according to the latest available Government data.

The increase meant the value of UK creative industries services exports has more than doubled - increasing by 122.6 per cent - since 2010.

During 2017, the biggest growth areas for services exports were in architecture (+37.7 per cent year on year) IT, software and computing (+30.5 per cent), and design and designer fashion (+21.3 per cent). Advertising and marketing also recorded a 20.7 per cent annual rise equal to a £678m rise in export service revenue.

The only creative industries categories not reporting export service growth were publishing and music.

Exports services data

In terms of exports of goods, which are less relevant to some parts of the creative industries, the UK exported creative goods worth £13.4bn in 2017, an increase of 1.8 per cent over 2016.

However, in 2017 goods exports were worth an estimated £4.84bn to the crafts sector, £4.3bn to the music sector, and £2.76bn in publishing, according to the Government's data on goods which is taken from HMRC.

The combined value of exports of creative services and goods was worth more than £50bn in 2017.


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