UK hosts designers from 26 countries


 Portugal (600px)

(Image: Portugal will participate in the IFS. ©Agnes Sonvito for British Council)

During London Fashion Week February 2017, The British Council, British Fashion Council (BFC) and Mercedes-Benz collectively presented work by emerging fashion designers from 26 countries for the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) 2017 when it returned to Somerset House for a second year in February.

The exhibition was the sixth edition of the annual showcase and formed a key part of London Fashion Week Festival, giving the public the opportunity to celebrate fashion and its universal relevance. This was the first time the IFS was supported and presented by Mercedes-Benz, which has established itself globally as a key player and partner at key international fashion shows and events in the past 22 years.

The theme of the exhibition was Local/Global. Countries were invited to explore the influence of place on fashion and to examine how emerging designers can transform their local culture into a global language. Fashion is shaped by its surroundings: the rhythms of nature, climate, cultural memory, social change and historical shifts are reflected in silhouettes, techniques and materials.

The peculiarities of place give rise to different ways of designing, making and wearing fashion. By considering fashion within their own landscape, the countries taking part in IFS highlighted the similarities and differences of our complex and connected world.

Sarah Mann, Director of Architecture, Design, Fashion, British Council, said: "The International Fashion Showcase continues to go from strength to strength, providing a unique opportunity for emerging fashion designers from all over the world to demonstrate the strength and diversity of global fashion during London Fashion Week."

Caroline Rush CBE, chief executive of the BFC, said: "Each year London is proud to host the IFS designers who from all over the world bring their local stories and culture told through the lens of fashion." 

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