Tech brings county history to life

Filming Soldier (large)


Housed in a former Victorian military barracks, the Museum of Lincolnshire Life tells the story of the cultural and working life of the county from 1750 to the present day.

Augmented reality, interactive projections and handheld digital iGuides have transformed the way visitors experience the museum’s history.

Previously, costumed demonstrations, curatorial presentations and oral histories could only be provided by the museum on event days. Now, using virtual technology, visitors can enjoy these all year round.

As visitors explore the museum, augmented reality gives them the chance to ask a soldier about the conditions inside the Museum's rare World War One tank; meet a Victorian schoolmaster who speaks of the school's rules and punishments; challenge their friends to a virtual penny farthing race and help 'crank start' a 1920s Bullnose Morris car called Doris.

Elements of this augmented reality compliment the iGuides, which are available to hire during your visit, giving people the chance to view interactive galleries of images relating to various exhibits around the museum. You can also listen to letters sent from the front during WW1 and play the Tank Trial Game.

Catering for all ages, the adult version of the iGuide tour is hosted by TV historian Jonathan Foyle, best known for his appearances on Climbing Great Buildings and Time Team, while the family tour features 'Polly Poacher', a steampunk time traveller.

John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Museums, Arts Council England, commented: “Digital technology is having a huge impact on how people can interact with museum collections and the incredible stories they tell. It’s great to see how the Museum of Lincolnshire Life is making the most of the possibilities augmented and virtual reality offer to create an exciting experience for their visitors.”

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