UK TV & Film

UK TV & Film

The UK TV and Film sector is an international success story. (Image credit: Idris Elba, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Turner.)

TV & Film: Why the UK?

Reasons why the UK's TV & Film sector attracts investors, customers and partners from all parts of the world.

TV & Film: Facts and Figures

This page includes links to key statistics about the UK's television and film industries.

TV & Film: Case Studies TV & Film: Case Studies

Case studies of leading industry players, events and award programmes. (Picture credit: copyright of BBC Worldwide, used with permission.)

TV & Film: Contacts TV & Film Contacts

Where to go for further information on the UK's TV and film industries.

UK television exports (2019/20 data)

Discover the biggest growth markets for UK TV exporters.

UK Independent TV production census 2020

Global demand for UK TV programmes made 2019 a record year for independent TV producers.

China-UK TV collaboration China-UK TV collaboration

Chinese and UK TV producers are embracing opportunities to collaborate.

Showreel: Kidscreen 2019 Showreel: Kidscreen 2019

Sample the best of UK-made children's TV.

TV: UK and India sign TV agreement TV: UK and India sign TV agreement

A new agreement is designed to bring UK and Indian TV and film producers closer together.

Post-Production Report Post-Production Report

Read about what the UK can offer visual effects companies and clients.

TV: Video interviews TV: Video interviews

Why does UK television attract an international following? Industry leaders explain.