design case: raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi 650

(Above: A flexible, stylish case for Raspberry Pi. Image source: DBA)

Launched in 2012, with an original ambition to sell 10,000 units, Raspberry Pi has gone on to be an international phenomenon, with over 12.5 million units now sold, it is the UK’s top selling computer, and the third best-selling computer of all time (after Apple and Microsoft).

The design consultancy, Kinneir Dufort, was given a brief to develop an elegant and functional case for the Pi that accommodated multiple uses and embodied the ethos of the Raspberry Pi non-profit foundation.

The case was launched with a price of £6 and developed following consultation with the foundation's teams and a change of manufacturer.

With 860,000 Pi Cases sold in the two years since its launch in May 2015, plus 133,000 sold for its smaller sibling the Raspberry Pi Zero, the case products have generated  £725,000 of profit for the Foundation.

Raspberry Pi 700px

(Above: The low-cost Raspberry Pi is the UK's top selling computer. Image source: DBA)

In addition to this new revenue contribution, the cases have opened up new ways to use the Raspberry Pi, created new ways to bundle the core products to reach new customers, and have defined a new visual identity for
the product and brand, complementing the Pi technology.

The design was the subject of an award-winning case study at the 2018 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards.