Employment in creative economy 

  • Estimated number of UK jobs in film, TV, radio and photography in creative industries in 2016: 245,000.

Source: DCMS Sectors Economic EstimatesJuly 2018, DCMS.


Film industry companies AND EMPLOYMENT 

  • In 2013, there were more than 5,400 film production companies, over 2,200 post-production companies, 395 film distributors, and 215 exhibitors.
  • The majority of companies were small (turnover under £250,000).
  • The production, post-production and distribution sectors were concentrated in London and the South East, while the exhibition sector was more dispersed.
  • Outside London and the South East there were significant production and post-production clusters in the East of England, South West, North West and Scotland.
  • Over 66,000 people worked in the UK film industry in 2013, of whom 42,000 worked in film and video production.

  • Just under half (45 per cent) of people working in film and video production were freelance.

  • Most film businesses have fewer than 10 employees.

Source: 2014 BFI Statistical Yearbook.