Case: Framestore, Air New Zealand & Magic Leap


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From a start-up in Soho to 2,000 employees based across London, New York, LA, Chicago, Montreal, Beijing and Pune, the visual effects company Framestore works with some of the world's most prestigious studios, brands and franchises to bring extraordinary ideas to life through creativity, innovation and technology.

Its work is exported all over the globe. It can be seen everywhere from cinemas and TV screens to theme parks, VR/MR/AR headsets and during ad breaks for events such as the Oscars, Olympics and Super Bowl.

Air New Zealand wanted to harness new technology to engage its customers while also promoting New Zealand's unique features and qualities. Working with mixed reality headset pioneer, Magic Leap, Framestore responded to the brief by developing ‘Fact or Fantasy? The Fantastical Game of New Zealand’.

The four-player shared mixed reality experience was designed to reconnect families and friends in a reimagining of a traditional New Zealand board game.

Players stand around a physical tabletop board game and, through the Magic Leap headsets they see various characters and action sequences appear on and interact with the board, with each other and with the viewers themselves.

The game’s ‘fact or fantasy’ format showcases New Zealand as a holiday destination through the augmentation of a physical 3D game board with a digital host, story and competitive quiz questions.

 Framestore Big

(Above:Magic Leap VR glasses enchanced the Air New Zealand game. Source: Framestore)

While the experience is shared, this particular technology allows for the computer generated content to be tailored to each viewer. This ensures that everyone has the best possible view of the digital content and they hear commentary relevant to their individual gameplay and score.

The project perfectly demonstrates Framestore's desire and ability to create new ways of engaging audiences by developing expertise in emerging technologies ahead of the curve.



This case first appeared in the UK Advertising Exports Report, published by the Advertising Association in March 2019.

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