Industry promotes creative careers 


An industry-designed creative careers drive has been launched by a partnership of creative organisations to raise awareness among young people of opportunities to work in the creative economy.

The Creative Careers Programme aims to enage with more than 160,000 school-age students by March 2020 and enable around 2m young people to acccess better advice about pursuing a creative career.

Delivery of the programme will be led by the Creative Industries Federation, ScreenSkills and Creative & Cultural Skills, in collaboration with The Careers & Enterprise Company and Speakers for Schools. 

The initiative is being promoted amid awareness of the need to tackle skills shortages and mitigate risks to the pipeline of future talent for the UK's successful creative industries.

The UK has more than 2m jobs in the creative industries, with a further 1m creative jobs based in organisations outside the creative industries. Creative jobs have been added to the UK economy at a faster rate than jobs in the economy as a whole.

Leading industry figures are being encouraged to give their time by delivering inspiring assembly talks through Speakers for Schools.

Other ways in which people in creative organisations can support the programme include by providing work experience placements to young people who wouldn't otherwise have opportunities and by becoming enterprise advisers working with leaders in schools and colleges.

Find more information on the Creative Industries Federation website here.


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