Independent games company Inkle
is 'one to watch' 

Inkle 650 

(Above: Archaeologist Aliya is the lead character in Inkle's innovative game, Heaven's Vault. Image: company's own)


Inkle Studios is an independent games company based in Cambridge with a reputation for innovative story-driven games.

Its games including 'Heaven's Vault', launched in Aprll 2019, use a combination of hand-drawn art in 3D and the scripting language, ink. The language learns what players say and do and incorporates those actions into the narrative.

Heaven's Vault II (650px) 

(Above: The scripting language for 'Heaven's Vault' learns from players' actions. Image: company's own)

Inkle has been named one of the 50 'Ones to Watch' in a report released at Createch 2019, and compiled by research specialists, Springwise, wtih support from London & Partners, Digital Catapult and the GREAT campaign.