Case: Embraer Jets & MBA


Embraer is a Brazilian manufacturer of defence and commercial jets that subsquently opened an executive jet division, using a combination of jets converted from commercial use and newly designed jets.

In entering this market, the company needed to make inroads against the better established US brands such as Cessna and Gulfstream. It also wanted to challenge unfavourable perceptions about Brazilian brands and move from tactical communications to a more long-term strategy. 

The solution developed by its agency, MBA, aimed to build a competitive brand and address any negative perceptions. This involved creating a global CRM platform, producing a rich supply of marketing content, and developing a new conversion-oriented website, all under a unifying strategic umbrella.

The agency's solution, 'For the Journey', encompassed a range of different customers and journeys and could be relevant to both business and pleasure trips.  It could also be interpreted more literally to apply to rational features which needed to be considered as part of an order, such as determining whether a jet had the range to fly to a destination without needing to refuel, and agreeing a maintenance contract.

Embraer 650px

(Above: MBA developed a digitally-driven strategy for Embraer. Image source: MBA)


For the launch of Embraer's Legacy 500 model, a mini-epic film was created featuring the brand ambassador, Jackie Chan, as a mysterious CEO trying to get his hands on the latest technology. In part, Chan was chosen because of his appeal in his native China.




(Above: a film was developed to launch Embraer's Legacy 500 jet. Image source: MBA)

To drive potential customers to find out more about the Legacy 500, MBA extended the launch campaign into a range of targeted media spaces. For instance, press executions used a special media buy to gain cut through, with the Legacy jet quite literally appearing to cut through the page.

An imaginative way was also found to respond to queries about the range of Embraer's jets in the form of the Puffersphere, a touch-sensitive spherical display that brought the "range" to life for  potential clients at trade shows.

Following the activity, Embraer became the fastest-growing aviation manufacturer, and the company's Phenom range became the best-selling jets in the world.

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