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The annual report from the British Fashion Council reviews major milestones acheived during the preceding year and outlines the organisation's strategic pillars. 

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the value of fashion

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The latest report from Oxford Economics reveals that the fashion industry is worth £28 billion to the UK economy. These figures relate to the most recent data available, building upon previous estimates from 2009 (£21 billion) and 2013 (£26 billion). Research by Oxford Economics gives insights into the sector’s impact, measured in terms of value added, jobs created and its contribution to tax revenue.


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High-end & Designer manufacturing report


High End Designer Manufacturing report (small)

This report, published by the British Fashion Council, contends that supporting high-end manfuacturing is essential to the high end designer fashion sector in the UK. It identifies 137 UK businesses involved in the manufacture of high-end clothing, footwear and accessories with a combined turnover of £1.76bn a year. It includes recommendations to improve education and communication initiatives about manufacturing, and provide targeted support and research on overseas opportunities for manufacturers.

Published: March 2015.

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Positive Fashion


A strategy created to support British designer businesses to lead the way in ethical business practices.


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Published: 2014.


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The Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion

This document identified areas of expertise and areas that require urgent attention eg. the need to ensure our fashion business skills are as cutting-edge as our creativity, and to build on the recent interest to expand our niche manufacturing capability in the UK. Specifically, we recommend the following actions be taken in order that British fashion can realise its full potential

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Commercialising Creativity


Commercialising Creativity

Understanding the importance of product development, manufacturing and funding are key factors behind the success of British designers' fashion businesses, according to a report commissioned by the British Fashion Council in collaboration with London Business School and Land Securities.

The report,"Commercialising Creativity", outlines the elements that make up a success model for British Fashion Designers, using case studies of Nicholas Kirkwood and Mary Katrantzou as examples of designers who have achieved significant success.

The authors offer multiple recommendations for designers including:

  • identifying an appropriate definition of success (do you want to be a self-supporting artist or a global brand?)
  • investing in expert salespeople and strong retailer relationships
  • improving their understanding of manufacturing and funding

The report also advises the UK Government to develop financial and educational policies to support the links between fashion and commercial creativity.


Published: May 2014

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The Value of UK Fashion


Fashion ReportThe Value of the UK Fashion Industry Report, commissioned by the British Fashion Council, defines the industry and analyses the true breadth and economic value of the UK fashion industry for the first time. 

The industry’s direct economic contribution to UK GDP was collated by analysing the industry’s profits and wages (known as gross value added (GVA)) across a wide range of fashion products and items – including womenswear and menswear through to handbags and shoes  – plus the contribution of fashion education, fashion marketing and fashion media.

The report also highlights the pivotal role of cutting-edge British design, and showcasing events such as London Fashion Week, in driving innovation and growth within the industry itself, as well as attracting millions of visitors from across the globe to the UK every year.

Publication date: September 2010

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London: Home of Menswear, The History and Heritage

London: Home of Menswear, The History and Heritage Bondage trousers, the bowler hat, brogues, the dandy, the floral shirt and tie, the great coat/riding coat, the three piece suit, the trench coat, tweed and tartan, and wellington boots have all been identified as the ten iconic styles that originated in Britain and have become mainstays in international menswear.

Taken from a V&A study commissioned by the British Fashion Council and written by Keren Protheroe, a PHD alumnus of the History of Fashion course at the Royal College of Art, these ten British inventions seal the UK’s reputation as the global origin of men’s fashion.

The 4,000 word study travels in time, from 1528 to present day, and explores how over the centuries the rules of men’s fashion have been made and broken.

Publication date: June 2013

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